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Dog Clubs

Many Dog Clubs and other Pet Clubs return to us year after year

Chieveley is ideally situated in the centre of the south of England, being easy to find and reach. With a large hall, good parking and ample grounds, Chieveley is the ideal venue for your club's event.

different breed of dogs being walked in Chieveley
Dog Obedience classes at Chieveley Village Hall

Inside and Out

Chieveley has accommodated dog clubs inside and out for many years.

We have a large, open hall with a sprung floor that is comfortable to walk upon. Your classes and events can come inside or remain out, as the weather and your needs dictate.

Our cleaning regime is designed to support the needs of furry friends.

Outside, the grounds are level and maintained to a high standard, meeting Kennel Club requirements as a recognised venue.

There is ample parking that can accommodate large vehicles in comfort. The secretary and judges can arrange facilities just as wanted.

Elite and Beginner

Your elite members expect to present perfectly, without interruption. They know their requirements and have everything arranged to perfection.

Your new members may not be too sure how things work and tread carefully. A warm welcome and effective operations help them to settle quickly and enjoy the day.

Chieveley gives you ample space for your exercise rings, for catering inside and benches out. Sponsors can erect their stands and tents to help with the costs of your event.

A good day sees all go home happy if tired.

Ridgeback Dog Show At Chieveley Village Hall
Dog Handlers with their dogs at Chieveley Village Hall
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