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Getting Started With Checking Availability and Making a Booking

In the frame below, start by selecting the room or area you would like to book under "Select Room". If you are not sure, have a look at the page "Facilities" first. There is also a brief description of each unit below. 

You can check availability up to a year ahead. Scroll to the month and day you are interested in. Click on the "+" to start your booking request for the room, date and time of interest.

You will be asked to create an account before making a booking request. Make sure the email address that you supply can be used to reach you. There are arrangements for making repeat bookings for regular users. 

An important factor in your booking is the number of vehicles that you expect. There may be other events going on at the same time and to ensure that there will be space for you we need to know (however roughly) how many you expect. This is just as important for frequent users as it is for the occasional. Under "additional items" please select "vehicles expected to attend" and enter the best guess. This does not affect your charges but is required information and the order may not be complete without it.

Our booking manager will check your booking and approve it before confirming. Your booking will be secure when we have acknowledged receipt of your deposit.

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